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The Old English Sheepdog


The Old English Sheepdog is just a powerful, small, rectangular dog. The top line is gloomier in the shoulders, sloping greater toward the rear end. The chest is wide and deep. The top is large with a well defined end. The nose is black. One’s teeth meet in an amount or small scissors bite. Eyes are available in brown, orange or among each color. The medium-sized ears are transported level towards the brain. The leading legs are quite right and the rear legs are physical and rounded. The little feet are rounded with well-arched toes and point straight-ahead. The Old English Sheepdog is possibly born tailless (whilst the title Bobtail suggests) or is wholly amputated. Note: it’s illegal to dock tails in many areas of Europe. The shaggy, double coat is excessive and long having a soft, waterproof undercoat and a good, tough, bumpy outer coat. Coat colors include gray, grizzle, blue, blue gray, blue merle, gray with white markings or white with gray markings.


The Old English Sheepdog is secure and happy-go-lucky. It’s in a position to alter yourself easily to various problems, is pleasant and caring. Smart, defensive and faithful, it creates an excellent family companion. Light and pleasant, this type is good with kids and enjoys and is extremely much area of the household. By bumping, not taking they’ve a powerful herding instinct and may attempt to herd people, and must be trained not to herd individuals. Meek or passive homeowners or the ones that don’t create the guidelines of the house obvious in ways the dog can recognize may cause the dog to become strong willed. This type requires company, but comfortable, relaxed and steady management. The Old English Sheepdog has the capacity to follow instructions and is just a excellent employee, but may disregard the training if it believes it’s stronger-minded than its human group members. This type stays puppy like for several years, and age has a tendency to strike it abruptly.

Height, Weight

Some may grow to more than 100 lbs (45 kg)

Living Circumstances

The Old English Sheepdog is going to do okay within an apartment if it’s sufficiently exercised. These pets are fairly active indoors and is going to do best with at-least a typical-sized garden.

Health Issues

Some herding dogs bring a MDR1 gene making them vulnerable to certain drugs that are normally ok to provide another pet, but when tested positive for this gene may destroy them.

Life Span

About 10-12 years


Old english sheepdog puppy training is totally possible given that these dogs are very intelligent and want to please their pack leaders.


There are certainly a few ideas concerning the beginning of the Old English Sheepdog. One is that it’s associated with the Deerhound and the Dog. Different ideas are it’s associated with the Bergamasco and the Briard, or from the European Owtchar and Scotch Bearded Collies, a hairy European type delivered to The Uk on ships from the Baltic. The dogs became popular in agricultural regions. Because of this the dogs received the nickname “Bobtail.” Each spring, once the sheep were sheared, producers might also shear the dogs’ jackets to create blankets and warm clothing. The Old English Sheepdog has been employed for reindeer herding since it tolerates cold-weather so well. A few of the Old English Sheepdog’s skills include: watchdog, herding and locating.


The rough, long-haired coat requires regular attention to keep it in prime condition. Until it’s combed and cleaned through to the thick, waterproof undercoat at-least 3 times each week, it’ll become matted and your dog may develop skin problems, making it vulnerable to host organisms. Cut out any knots cautiously in order to not nick the skin. A grooming table can make the entire task easier. The layer could be appropriately device-trimmed every 8 weeks approximately, about one-inch completely around, when The puppy isn’t being demonstrated. This breed sheds such as for instance a human—not a great deal, however in modest quantities.

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